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The modern day business world is extremely dynamic and evolving. Businesses have to constantly seek knowledge and facts about competition, resources, and new trends. The amount of data needed to run a successful business is getting heavier everyday and the amount of resources that a business has to spend on converting the data into information gets even heavier.

Modern day IT solutions have evolved in to being intelligent business components that help you gather data faster and effectively and have even come to a point where you can ask them to evaluate and take decisions on behalf of the management. At Gamma IT we are providing services that can help your business make decisions faster and increase your gains.

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At Gamma IT we believe in giving the best possible solution to our customers. Our quality standards ensure that the customer is given the best value for quality products and services.

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Knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy. These are the words that come to mind when referring to Gamma I.T. Solutions. Amila Gammana with Gamma I.T. Solutions is an invaluable technically proficient consultant and member of our I.T. Team...

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Gamma IT Solutions is dependable, trustworthy and well versed in their field. Over the past two years Amila Gammana has proven himself to be competent and efficient...

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  • Designing and Building Corporate Computer networks
  • Server Virtualization
  • Computer and network troubleshooting
  • Custom Software design and creation
  • Web designing
  • Database designing and Configuration
  • Software Development
  • Network Programming



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